HACK Youth Polish Shine & Show

About Horse Association of Central Kootenay Youth Polish Shine & Show

The Horse Association of Central Kootenay (HACK) Youth Polish Shine & Show clinic provides a fun, low-cost learning environment for 40 youth aged 8 to 19 focusing on equine safety, culture and self-growth. We are bringing together well known and respected clinicians and educators throughout our community for the benefit of local youth. The clinic will be a mix of hands-on work, demonstrations, paper work, and at the end, the kids will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the weekend with a little show. In 2015, the Columbia Basin Trust provided our club a Youth Grant of $5500 to host this event. Unfortunately CBT is not offering this grant in 2016, and if we hope to put on this event again, at a reasonable cost to the participants, we need to raise the funds to do it.  

HACK is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are passionate about providing fun, safe, and educational equine-based opportunities in our community. With this program we are committed to expanding horse activities in the community. We provide youth the chance to attend clinics, horse camps, and horse shows, all of which provide a positive and nurturing environment for their growth. Working together with local horse grounds and pony clubs, we host our programs in different locations so the entire community may benefit without travelling far from their own home base. We are very proud of the turnout our clinics and shows yield along with all the positive feedback we get in the community. We strive to make every event memorable for everyone!


Chelsea's writing challenge

A challenge by: Chelsea Novak

I will write and post 500 words of my novel a day for three weeks to raise money for the HACK Youth Polish Shine & Show.